about eddie cairney

Eddie Cairney is Scotland’s most prolific songwriter who comes up with several song ideas every day. His style can be best described as folk/rock/ballad. All his songs have proper words and proper tunes that will hopefully stick around in your head for a while. Songwriting is like cooking, it works best when it is kept simple and honest and that is Eddie’s philosophy on songwriting and composing. Any form of art must stay honest and if it stops being honest it is no longer art. Simple as that.

Eddie has been in the music business for over 50 years. He started off gigging in his native Perth back in the 60’s where he played with various bands including the rock band Oktober. He then helped found the Dundee based band Rokotto before emigrating to New Zealand where, as well as owning a business and raising a family, worked in various piano bars in the nearby ski resort of Methven in the South Island.

After returning to Scotland Eddie kept up his interest in writing and performing. He also studied for a Music Diploma then a Music Degree followed by a post grad. Degree in Tertiary Education. Eddie has  lectured in songwriting and run several community music projects.  He has also written several musicals.

Most of Eddie’s recent songs have been on the subject of Scotland and Scottishness. He is a great believer in the potential of Scotland to be a fully independent and equal country among nations. He firmly believes that in order the achieve something all you have to do is believe in it then visualise it and the rest will follow on.